PMD role in Aviation Industry

Aviation meteorology (MET) being most important data stream for air traffic management (ATM) services given its impact on both safety and efficiency.

  • The importance of aviation related weather information is recognized by the fact that PMD and CAA have jointly installed instruments and radars at main airports to monitor weather conditions over/ around runways/ aerodromes and also posted permanent PMD staff at the same locations.
  • Air traffic safety cannot be ensured without real time Met data provision by PMD and its implementation by CAA.
  • The information related to aviation is needed on hourly basis to guide the air traffic including military aircrafts, whereas rest of the Ministries/ Divisions needs information generally on seasonal basis.
  • Since 1985 onwards PMD has been associated with the Aviation whether in the Defense Division or the Aviation Division and accordingly in all subsequent amendments in the Rules of Business, 1973, PMD has accordingly been under their administrative control.
  • Being essential component of Aviation Industry of Pakistan and major contributor to the Aviation safety which is universally recognized as a highly coordinated function.