PMD functions

Pakistan Meteorological Department is responsible for providing meteorological services throughout Pakistan to wide variety of interest and for activities which requires climatic info.

Main Objectives are to provide information on weather, climate and geophysical phenomenon with the aim of traffic safety in air, on land and sea, mitigation of disasters, agriculture development based on climatic potential of the country, climate change, impact assessment, future projections of climate and adaptation options in different sectors.

PMD Main Areas of Operations

  • Aviation Meteorology Services.
  • Hydro-Meteorological Services and flood forecasting.
  • Agro-meteorological services.
  • Climatological Services.
  • Geophysical and Seismological Services.
  • Weather forecasting Services to public through electronic and print news media.
  • Astronomical Information Services.
  • Met-forecast for mountaineering expedition
  • Marine Meteorological Services.
  • Climatological data processing for scrutinizing, comparing and publishing
  • Safety of civil, armed forces aviation operations, VVIP flights and marine activities
  • Early Warning of natural hazards such a Tropical cyclones, Heavy Rains, Heat Waves, Flood & Earthquakes etc
  • Astronomical information like sighting of moon, solar and lunar eclipse.
  • Glacier Monitoring and Research.
  • Glacier Lakes Outbrust Flood (GLOF) warnings