1. Reference is made to the consultations between officials of the United Nations Development Programme (here in after referred to as “UNDP”) in Pakistan and officials of Pakistan Meteorological Department (hereinafter referred to as “PMD”) with respect to the realization of activities by the PMD in the implementation of the component on “Early Warning Message Dissemination” of Supporting Community Resilience (SCORE) Project (Project ID:00085568), Project Document, to which UNDP has been selected as implementing partner.

2. In accordance with the Project Document and with the following terms and conditions, we confirm our acceptance of the activities to be provided by PMD towards the project, as specified. Description of Activities (hereinafter referred to as “Activities”). Close consultations will be held between Pakistan Meteorological Department and UNDP on all aspects of the Activities.

3. Pakistan Meteorological Department shall be fully responsible for carrying out, with due diligence and efficiency, all Activities in accordance with its Financial Regulations and Rules.

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