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Press Release Islamabad,   9th April 2012

The termination of this year pollen season is predicted during the current week. The decreasing trend of pollen concentration will further drop due to the isolated rain showers/thunderstorms expected in Rawalpindi/Islamabad from 10th – 11th April 2012. Pollination process of most of the plants has been completed and suspended pollen grains may settle down due to expected rain and wind. Therefore it is anticipated that the concentration of allergic pollen will reduce to bearable levels and individuals susceptible to pollen allergy will experience the relief.

This year pollen concentration did not touch the peak values of > 40,000 per cubic meter of air due to erratic weather patterns (continuous low minimum temperature, wet spells, cloudy and windy conditions) throughout the pollen season. The highest pollen count observed in different sectors of Islamabad was 36,164 /m3of air in Sector H-8, 14962 /m3of air in Sector E-8, 13636 /m3of air in Sector F-8, 13472 /m3of air in Sector G-7 and 2474 /m3of air in Sector I-10 on 29th March 2012 during this season.

  (Dr. Ghulam Rasul)
  Chief Meteorologist
Press Release Islamabad, 1st March 2012

This winter has been extremely cold and still lower than normal temperatures have been prevailing. As already predicted by PMD that this year winter will be extended upto mid March, accordingly sprouting and blossom season will be delayed by 10-15 days.

Due to belated pollination process, the pollen season will set in around mid March. The highest concentrations of paper mulberry pollen are expected during the last decade of March, 2012.

Westerly winds are mainly expected during March and April, therefore pollen density in the air over the western zones of Islamabad will be comfortably less than the eastern zones. It is advisable to the hyper-sensitive individuals to stay away from Islamabad during the peak concentrations. PMD will continue issuing pre-alerts 2-3 days in advance of any serious situation keeping in view the weather-related indicators.

  (Dr. Ghulam Rasul)
  Chief Meteorologist
Press Release Islamabad, 24th February 2012
PMD Pollen Monitoring Network for Spring 2012

Pakistan Meteorological Department has installed pollen monitoring devices in each sector of Islamabad (H-8, E-8, F-8, G-7 and I-10) from 25th February 2012. Pollen concentration increases gradually with the onset of spring season and attains its peak concentration around mid March in the capital. The pollens from Paper Mulberry, Pine, Dandelion, Cannabis, Acacia, Alternaria, Eucalyptus and Grasses have been monitored throughout the year since 2004 at PMD Headquarters in H-8/2 Islamabad. Among them Paper Mulberry pollen is found in abundance and its concentration touches the extreme limits of 45,000 per cubic meter of air at the peak of blossom season. People suffering from Asthma and respiratory diseases experience serious consequences due to sharp increase in pollen concentrations. PMD will continue issuing warnings/advisories for allergy patients as and when the situation arises till the end of the season in mid April. The information about pollen concentration in different sectors of Islamabad will be made available on daily basis to the TV channels, Radio and Newspapers. At the same time, it will be regularly uploaded on PMD website: Public may contact at following phone numbers for related information; 051-9250369, 051-9250364, 051-9250363 and 051-9250334 or email at queries regarding pollen count.

Press Release Islamabad, 15th April 2011 
Fall in Pollen Concentration in Islamabad

The severity of pollen concentration in Islamabad is expected to decrease in the next few days signifying the end of this year pollen season. This fall in pollen concentration will be due to another wet spell of rainfall expected in the country during next couple of days according to prediction of Pakistan Meteorological Department. Therefore it is anticipated that the concentration of allergic pollen will reduce from high to low category and individuals susceptible to pollen allergy will experience the relief.

Allergy Warning Islamabad, 24th March 2011  
High Pollen Concentration in Islamabad:40,527pcm Pollen trend very likely to increase during this week

The allergic pollen in Islamabad has reached 40,527 per cubic meter on Thursday, with very high concentration of 'Paper Mulberry'. The current atmospheric concentration of allergic pollen lies in VERY HIGH category, and the individuals sensitive to allergic pollens must take precautionary measures.
The meteorological conditions indicate an increasing trend in allergic pollens during the current week.

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