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  Mainly hot and dry weather is expected in most parts of the country. However; rain-thunderstorm is expected at isolated palces in Malakand, Kohat, Bannu divisions, Parachinar, upper FATA, Kashmir and Gilgit0- Baltistan during evening/night. Whereas,  dust raising / gusty winds are also expected to blow in Sindh (Hyderabad & Mirpur Khas divisions) during next 24 hrs.  

Today's highest & Other Cities Maximum Temp: Larkana, Dadu 47C, R.Y.Khan, Moenjo daro, Sibbi 46C, Rohri, Sukkar, Bhawalnagar, Sh.Benzairabad, Jaccobabad 45C , Multan, Bahawalpur, Lesbella, Chhor, Padiddan 44C.  lslamabad 35C,  Lahore 42C, Karachi 36C, Peshawar 37C, Quetta 34C, Gilgit 33C, Hunza 24C, Murree 25C, Skardu 26C, Muzaffarabad 36C, Faisalabad 42C, Multan 44C, Hyderabad 41C. Chief amount of rainfall (mm) during last 24 hours: Parachinar 23.

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