Climatological Services is the main unit of RMC Karachi that deals with climatological data of Sindh region. The main target of Climatological Services is to preserve different Climatic Data and to make available it to Public, Government agencies, Industries and Researchers. In Climatologiacal Services, responsibilities are to Store, Proces, Retrieval and Supply of Climatological and Meteorological Data.


The major Responsibilites / Functions are:

  • Hard copies of Monthly Meteorological Data (MMR with different parameters) is received from all observatories of Sindh region.
  • After removing the Errors, Scrutiny, Tabulation and Quality Control of all Meteorological Data in data bank of the region assigned in accordance to WMO requirement.
  • Electronic data entry verification and dissemination of data to central computerized data processing center (CDPC), Karachi.
  • Data supply to end users regarding to Lahore and Kashmir region.
  • Development of various Meteorological. Astronomical, Statistical and Climatological products in the form of Tables, Graphs and Maps etc.
  • Deals with Sunrise / Sunset, Moonrise / Moonset, Coordinates of New Moon and Solar & Lunar Eclipses.


Types of available Climatological Data are as under:

  • Rainfall (mm): 03 hourly, Daily, Monthly, Annual, Heavy Spells in 24Hrs etc.
  • Temperature (C): Hourly, Daily, Monthly, Annual, Maximum & Minimum, Extreme Values etc.
  • Relative Humidity (%): Hourly, Daily, Monthly
  • Surface Wind speed and directions (knots); Hourly, Daily, Monthly
  • Sunshine Hours: Hourly, daily
  • Station Level/ Mean Sea Level Pressure (hpa) :Hourly, Daily, Monthly
  • Amount and types of clouds observed (oktas): Hourly, Daily, Monthly
  • Various Weather phenomenon such as, visibility, occurrence of Thunderstorm etc
  • TWeather Reports on specific weather phenomenon such as heavy rainfall, storm etc
  • Windrose diagrams for selected stations.
  • Upper-air data (Vertical Profile of the atmosphere) for selected stations
  • Agro-meteorological data, such as soil temperature, evapo-transpiration etc., for selected stations.
  • Radiation data
  • Climate Normals of different parameters (30 years): based on 1931-1960, 1961-1990 and 1971-2000 and 1981-2010 data.
  • Daily normals (1981-2010) of temperature and rainfall
  • Apart from the above data, there are various other data parameters that can be provided to the individuals according to their demands/requirements



Climate data and products can be obtained by supplying following information on company/organization letter head and by contacting us.
  • Type & Frequency of data
  • Period of Requirement of data - List of Stations - Stations for which data is required.
  • Purpose of data
  • Send your request by post/e-mail.

Supply of data for Academic Research Purposes

  • In order to promote and encourage research, climatological data and/or products supplied to an end-user for non-commercial scientific or educational projects are charged on the basis of marginal costs (only 10-50% of original cost) or free of charges in some cases for LIMITED VOLUME of data. Research is considered as non-commercial if the results are openly available, without any commercial purposes, and the research is subsequently submitted for open publication. An enquirer wishing to avail of this provision is required to specify in writing that: The request may be duly endorsed by the respective chairman/supervisor of the Research Institution, on original Letter Head of the Institution.
  • A copy of project/research synopsis may be provided to this office.
  • Requests for data from researchers or for educational purposes must accept that the data cannot be passed to a Third Party nor used to generate a Meteorological Value Added Service.
  • They should submit at least one each (printed as well as soft) final copy of their research to this office
  • On receiving the above mentioned documents, this office will compile the required data and will be sent through e-mail as early as possible.

Cost of Climate Data & Products

The charges for the supply of climatological data, reports and publications apply from 1 June, 2012 until further notice. Overall minimum charge of Rs. 1,000 applies to all enquiries. End users requesting data for claim purposes are charged Rs. 10,000 extra.
Click here to see approved data charges against nature of data.
  • All payments must be made in advance & on prescribed filled-in chalan in the State Bank of Pakistan under the head:
    Pakistan Meteorological Department
    C027-Community Services
    C02705-Collection of Payments for Services Rendered (Data Sale)
  • The prescribed partially filled-in chalan either can be downloaded from the website of PMD or obtained from Regional Climate Data Processing Centre (RCDPC) Karachi office during working hours. Generally data can be obtained within 1-3 working days after receipt of original paid chalan.

Cost of Climate Data & Products

  • The Data Request Form provided on RMC Karachi site may be used for sending the data requests together with a formal requesting letter in the letter head of the institution/office/ organization to ensure the identity of the user.
  • Initial correspondences, such as availability of particular data or station etc may be sent via, e-mails.
  • Normally data are supplied on payment basis. Payment should be made through Bank favoring The Director, Regional Meteorological Centre, Karachi Airport, Karachi.
  • The amount mentioned in the data Charge table is ONLY is only charged on the availability of data
  • The amount paid against a data request is not refundable under any circumstances.
  • Supply of data will be considered on case by case basis only and the Director RMC Karachi reserves the right to accept or decline any data request on public interest.
  • The data supplied to an user is only meant for the purpose mentioned in their request letter and in no case the data be handed over to any other user for any other purpose.
  • Though maximum care is taken at various stages in collecting, scrutinizing and compiling the data, there could be some errors in the data due to instrumental and technical reasons.
  • If data requested is used to form a component of a saleable product, or required for onward dissemination, then formal negotiations with PMD are necessary.