Weather Forecasts are issued to save lives, to reduce property damage, to reduce crop damage and to let the general public know what to expect. Weather Forecasting is the most important service of RMC Karachi. The RMC Karachi provides Weather, Climate Forecasts and Warnings for Sindh Region. The responsibility of issuing Regional Forecast for Sindh was given to Meteorological Watch Office (MWO), Karachi (under RMC Karachi). Different kinds of Forecasting Tools such as Satellite & Radar images, various NWP models, Meteorological charts (Surface, Pilot, Temps, Change of (Pressure & Temperature) Charts etc) and Current Data etc are used for daily weather inference and forecast. The current and forecasted meteorological information are used for different activities in the region as Agriculture, Tourism, Irrigation, Aviation, Industries, Construction, Oil exploration and Research purpose etc. These information can also be used to mitigate the weather related hazards like Dust Storms, Heavy Rains, Flooding, Thunderstorms, Droughts and Heat Waves etc.