Pakistan Meteorological Department has been categories into following services:

  1. Observatories, data generation and dissemination services in the following areas
    • Surface Weather Data
    • Earthquake Data
    • Astronomical Data
    • Solar Radiation Data
    • Atmosphere Ozone Data
    • Earth's Magnetic field Data
    • Background Air Pollution Data
  2. Aeronautical forecasts and warning services for Civil Aviation, PAF, Army, Navy and other users.
  3. Flood forecast and warning services.
  4. Earthquake data and seismic information services to Civil Engineers and other users for dams, bridges, townships.
  5. Farmer's Weather Bulletin and Warning Services.
  6. Public utility and advisory services in various fields of:
    • Planning and Development
    • Town Planning
    • Construction of Roads, Bridges, Aerodromes, Power Plants, Airconditioning etc
    • Provision of Meteorological/Geophysical data for court cases, insurance claim, inquiry reports, district gazetteers etc
  7. Military operation services in the following way:
    • Weather Monitoring Air Bases
    • Forecasts and Warning for Air Bases
    • Weather forecasts and Monitoring in assigned areas
    • Meteor Reports
  8. Marine Meteorological Forecasting and Warning Services:
    • Air Pollution Monitoring Services
  9. Air Pollution Monitoring Services
  10. Research activities in the following fields:
    • Meteorology
    • Climatology
    • Hydrology
    • Oceanography
    • Atmospheric Physics
    • Environmental Pollution
    • Geophysics
    • Agricultural Meteorology
  11. Astronomical services in the following fields:
    • Sun rise/set timings
    • Namaz timings and Qibla Direction calculations
    • Morning/evening twilight timings
    • Sun/Moon Eclipse
    • Sighting of new moon
  12. Training in Meteorology and Geophysics for:
    • Departmental Trainees
    • Trainees from other organizations
    • Foreign training
    • PAF (Met. branch) trainees
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