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Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) offers professional training courses in various branches of Meteorology, Geophysics and allied sciences at the Institute of Meteorology and Geophysics (IMG), Karachi. The Institute established in 1960, provides training to the serving personnel of Pakistan Meteorological Department and also offers training facilities to persons belonging to other departments. Trainees from Meteorological Services of other countries are also welcome. The courses are of various levels and are designed for the new-comer to Meteorology as well as for those who have acquired sufficient experience in the field and require higher training. The syllabi of courses provided at the Institute have been prepared mainly according to the pattern recommended in the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) Technical publication. The courses aim is to provide both theoretical and practical background to a student and to equip him fully for the job, he is to take up after completion of his training.


Institute of Meteorology and Geophysics (IMG) is situated at the Met. Complex, University Road, Karachi. Alongwith IMG, other directorates and units of PMD are also located within Met Complex.  


These are :-


Model Met Observatory,

Rawinsonde and Pilot Baloon Observatory

Wind Finding and Weather Surveillance Radar

Instruments Inspectorate and Meteorological Workshop

Main Analysis Center

National Meteorological Communication Center

National Seismic Monitoring Center & Seismic Observatory

Tsunami Early Warning Center

Tropical Cyclone Warning Center

Climate Data Processing Center


These directorates and units are very beneficial for the trainees for their practical, hands-on practice within one campus (Met Complex) and the trainees become familiar with their functions as well.

Adequate emphasis is laid on practical and professional aspects of the subject at the Institute and is supplemented by on-the-job training at one of the Meteorological Offices.  Institute has its own Library with thousands of books and Journals on Meteorology and related disciplines. New books, journals and publications are added from time to time. The Institute’s “Computer Lab” is equipped with latest computers and high speed DSL internet connections. The institute has its own modern projection hall, equipped with multimedia and overhead projectors and sound system.


Medium of instruction is English. Candidates from abroad desiring enrolment are to be sponsored by their respective Governments. Candidates from other departments are to be nominated by appropriate authorities.


At the conclusion of the training, certificates are awarded to successful students. Evaluation reports on the completion of training are also sent to the sponsoring authority, on request.



All courses of duration thirty two (32) weeks or less have two examinations which are known as mid-term and final examinations respectively. The courses of duration more than thirty two (32) weeks  have three examinations designated as first term, second term and final examinations. All examinations are generally held at equal intervals according to the duration of course. The results are complied and declared on the basis of marks obtained in the terminal and final examinations. The results are graded according to the following scales:-



A …......….…. 80.0%  to  100%

B …….......…. 70.0%  to  79.9%

C …...........…. 50.0%  to  69.9%


Persons securing less than 50% are declared as unsuccessful.



Generally two Initial-Met courses, two Preliminary-Meteorology courses, one Basic-Forecasting course, One “Post Graduate Diploma” course and one Advance-Meteorology course are held  each year and its schedule is circulated by the end of August to all concerned agencies.


After the completion of the training course, the students are assigned on-the-job training for four (04) to twenty (20) weeks. Refresher courses in all categories of regular courses are also held for shorter durations as and when considered necessary.




Departmental Candidates

The serving personnel are nominated by the Pakistan Meteorological Department according to their rank, experience and qualifications.


Non-Departmental Candidates

Non-departmental candidates are to be nominated by their respective departments.


Candidates from Foreign Countries

The sponsoring authorities may send their requests to the Director-General, Meteorological Services, Meteorological Complex, P.O. Box No. 8454, University Road, Karachi-75270, Pakistan.



A small “Dispensary” is available within the campus for minor medical treatment.



Hostel accommodation is available and mandatory, and is provided Free to the departmental trainees and on payment of nominal rent to other trainees.







































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