Pakistan Meteorological Department

Institute of Meteorology & Geophysics




Meteorological training courses offered at the Institute are of two types:

  1. Regular  Courses


  1. Special Courses


Regular courses are run on routine basis while special courses, which are generally of shorter duration, are conducted as and when required.

Course Name


Theoretical Training


Initial Meteorology Course

BIP-MT, Entry level

14 weeks

04 weeks

Preliminary Meteorology Course

BIP-MT, Mid level

18 weeks

08 weeks

Basic Forecasting Course

BIP-M, Mid level

32 weeks

20 weeks

Advance Meteorology Course

BIP-M, Advance level

52 weeks

Postgraduate Diploma in Meteorology

BIP-M, Mid level

52 weeks

*BIP stands for Basic Instructional Package, M for Meteorologist and MT for Meteorological Technician

The training of fresh personnel is started from initial stage and is gradually taken up to higher levels as required


Training in the following subjects in the form of special courses for suitable qualified Meteorological Personnel can be arranged as and when required.

  1. Seismology and Geomagnetism
  2. Marine Meteorology
  3. Agricultural Meteorology
  4. Hydrometeorology
  5. Radar Meteorology
  6. Satellite Meteorology
  7. Radiosonde Meteorology
  8. Facsimile Operation
  9. Inspection and Maintenance of Observatories


PMD has gained ground by switching to digital seismic equipment for expansion of its network which requires specialized personnel. In order to enhance the capabilities in fields of seismic monitoring, instrumentation, data communication, hazard evaluation and tsunami warning in the expanding digital seismic  network,  PMD requires professionally motivated and skilled staff. For this purpose two seismological courses (Preliminary Seismological Course and Advance Seismological Course) have been designed.

These courses will enhance the capabilities of the professionals working at various seismic stations. The courses will also provide a base for young scientists to flourish in research oriented tasks.



Regular Courses
a.     Initial Meteorology Course
       A standard in Physics and Mathematics equivalent to that of Secondary School Certificate Examination is required. All new comers to Meteorology may join this course.

b.     Preliminary Meteorology Course
       A standard in Physics and Mathematics equivalent to that of Higher Secondary School Certificate Examination together with some background in Meteorology or successful completion of Initial Meteorology Course.

c.       Basic Forecasting Course
         University Degree in Physics and Mathematics and successful completion of Preliminary Meteorology Course.

d.      Post Graduate Diploma in Meteorology
         Master degree in related discipline.

e.      Advance Meteorology Course
         Master Degree in Physics or Mathematics and successful completion of Basic              Forecasting Course.

Special Courses
         Qualification in determined according to the requirement of the course.
Upcoming Courses