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 Flood Forecast

 Flood forecast Bulletin - A

 Flood forecast Bulletin - B

 Flood-2014 Comparison


 IFAS Results

 Rivers Flow /Forecast

 Inundation map 2014 punjnad & DownStream

 Flood Inundation Maps(2014)

 Weather Forecast

  forecast for 06-hours

  forecast for 12-hours

  forecast for 24-hours

 Dams Flow

 Dam inflow Forecast

 Dams Flows data




Water availability forecast for Kharif Season-2014

 Inflow  vs Max Temps &     Rainfall


 Radar & Satellite Images

 Radar Images

 Satellite Images




Daily Min & Max temps with respect to their  Normals

Daily Min&Max temps  


PMD Rainfall Data 

Tropical Rainfall

 Flood Links  

Flood Routing model

Flood limits

 Other Links

Pollen Data

Telemetric Network

Telemetric Stations

Map Indus Basin

Historical Peaks

Monsoon Tracks

 Auto Weather Stations  



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