Capacity Building of Pakistan Meteorological Department

Ph.D in Meteorology :

S.No Name of officer Designation Year of Completion/University Field of Specialization
1 Dr.Qamar-uz-Zaman CH. Advisor, Met & Climate affair 1992 (University of Philippines) Meteorology & Climate Sciences
2 Dr.Ghulam Rasul Director General (Pakistan Meteorological Department) 2005 ( Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China )  Meteorology & Climate Sciences
3 Dr.Muhamad Hanif Director (National Weather Forecasting Centre, Islamabad) 2009 (University of Liverpool U.K.) Meteorology
4 Dr.Azmat Hayat Khan Director (National Drought Monitoring Centre,Islamabad) CIIT Islamabad Meteorology
5 Dr.Khalid Mahmood Malik Director (National Agromet Center, Islamabad) 2009 (York University, Toronto, Canada) Meteorology
6 Dr.Muhammad Afzaal Deputy Director ( Research & Development Division, Islamabad) 2013 (University of Chinese Academy of Sciences Beijing, China) Climate Dynamics
7 Dr. Syed Faisal Saeed Deputy Director (Karachi) Stockholm University of Sweden Numerical Modelling
8 Dr.Jehangir Ashraf Awan Programmer ( Research & Development Division, Islamabad) Sejong University, Seoul, South Korea Monsoon Prediction (using Artificial Intelligence)