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Sindh’s Weather


June 27th, 2017/1000 PST


Next 24 hrs:




Dust-thunderstorm/rain is likely to occur at a few places in Sukkur, Sh.Banazirabad, Mirpurkhas, Hyderabad and Thatta divisions. Hot/very hot weather elsewhere in the province.


Outlook for Next 48 hrs:




Dust-thunderstorm/rain is likely to occur at scattered places in lower Sindh (with isolated heavy falls) and  at a few places in upper Sindh. Hot/very hot weather will remained elsewhere in the province.


Last 24 hrs:




Weather remained hot/very hot and dry in most parts of the province. However little rain have occurred  in Tharparkar district. Mithi has reported 2.0mm of rain fall.







(Duty Forecasting Officer)



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