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Winter (JFM) 2019 Rainfall update

CDPC / Pakistan Metrological Department

                                                                                                                  (19th March 2019)



* During period 1-January to 19-March (0800 PST), 2019, country rainfall was above normal (+61)

    and above normal over all provinces.

* During past nineteen days (1-19 March), country rainfall was above normal and above normal over

    all provinces except GB & AJK where it was below normal.

* In February 2019, country rainfall was above normal (+61%) and above normal over all provinces.

* In January 2019 rainfall was above normal over country as well as over AJK, GB, KPK, Punjab &

    Sindh and below normal over Balochistan.


  1-January to 19-March 2019